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52 days and counting…

Hi Everyone,

This is it, our first blog post – it’s all starting to feel very real for us now. For those of you who don’t already know, Steve and I are heading to Nepal on the 12th October for a few months of volunteering work with the UK based charity Community Action Nepal. We’ll be living and working in remote mountain communities, helping to re-build buildings and infrastructures devastated by the earthquakes last year. Steve will be putting his plumbing skills to good use and I’ll be helping in schools and health posts.

We’re very excited about the adventures that lie ahead, but have many other emotions attached to what we’re about to embark on. The distance from family and friends is going to be the hardest challenge for us to overcome. Being happiest surrounded by the people we love, living so far from home for such a long time will undoubtedly be tough. The lack of creature comforts such as toilet paper – a doddle!

We’ve started the process of tidying up loose ends – a bigger task than we’d anticipated. We’ve written and re-written copious lists of what we need, what we don’t need – sensible must haves, frivolous maybes. I’ve still to master the art of travelling light – a skill that seems completely beyond me. Steve on the other hand is struggling to fill his bag and that includes his plumbing tools! We’ve updated our passports, checked out insurances (a little tricky and somewhat expensive it turns out for high altitude travel). We’ve chosen our back packs, debated if/what sleeping bags to take, how many socks we need, what vaccinations to have, what medical equipment is necessary and so on. We’re getting there bit by bit and all of sudden it feels just around the corner.

Among our to do’s was a blog, this blog. Although a complete technophobe I’ve taken on the task of putting together something that resembles a working site – eek! I’ve had lots of frustrations finding my way around the web world, but also lots of fun. Name chosen – Away with the Opies, we’re hoping to keep everyone at home updated with what we’re getting up to during our travels (wifi willing!)

We’ve set up JustGiving pages where all donations received go directly to Community Action Nepal. There are also links to CAN so you can check out who we’ll be working with – it’ll give a little insight into what we’ll be doing during our time in Nepal.

Welcome to our adventures.

Kate and Steve x



31 days and counting…


  1. Kateopie

    Hi Jill and Mick – we’re so sorry we missed you it would have been great to have had a catch up. Glad you’re enjoying St Agnes, we’re missing it already! Hope you’re both well and we look forward to meeting up when we get back. Take care and lots of love Kate and Steve x

  2. Jill and Mick

    Kate and Steve – just missed you ! Wishing you safe and amazing adventures and great success with your work with CAN! Loving St Agnus.

  3. Kateopie

    Haha, that was exactly how we felt just before we did it ?! The kids were awesome though so it actually turned out to be lots of fun – we’re quite looking forward to doing it all again when we get back next year… Only 2 weeks left before we head off – we’ll keep the posts coming x

  4. joel

    Ahhh just reading the school presentation ,bought me out in a cold sweat and knee knocking terror, well done with that both of you ,Nepal will seem easy after that !!
    keep the posts coming !!!
    safe journeys !

  5. Kateopie

    Aah thanks Jan and John – if I could fit you in my bag I would, but you’re right it’s already full which is fine, except for the fact that quite a few essential items aren’t yet in it!! Steve was pretty happy with how the interview sounded, especially as he was so nervous just before he did it. Looking forward to catching up very soon, big hugs and lots of love to you both Xx

  6. Janet and John

    Great to hear Steve on Radio Cornwall – very professional – and lovely to catch up with what you’re planning. What a wonderful adventure – is there room in Steve’s rucksack as I believe yours is full Kate? See you before you fly off x

  7. Kateopie

    Thanks Joel and thank you for all your help at Pure Cornwall, you’re always a joy to work with – I shall think of you whenever I see a window that needs cleaning 🙂

  8. Joel endersby

    Well done Kate and Steve,what a fantastic adventure and at the same time a very noble one,we hope you have a brilliant time ,stay safe and soak up the culture,you’ll never regret it.
    Warm regards
    Joel endersby and family

  9. Kateopie

    Hi Robin, thanks for taking the time to comment on our blog. Steve was really nervous about his radio debut, but now he’s enjoying his celebrity status! We’re very excited about our travels and are as we speak going through our never ending to do list! Steve says hi and sends his best wishes to you and Chris 🙂

  10. Robin Johnson

    Great to hear about your trip on Radio Cornwall this morning.
    Looking forward to hearing more here.

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